Tuesday, September 2

Suggestions please

Since I've been taking a stab at writing I've become curious about different genres. In terms of my reading preferences I tend to stick to the mainstream. I like fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction and classics. My "have read" list comes almost entirely from those categories. I think it's time to branch out. I'd like to dip my toe in the less serious end of the literary genre pool. I'd like to try some books from categories I've never even considered before. I'm therefore looking for your suggestions. To begin with I'd like solid suggestions for the following genres: Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Romance, Mystery/Detective novels. By "solid" I mean picks that are reasonably well written. (I have some terrible memories of giving Danielle Steele a try back in college. I found myself compulsively editing her. It was awful.) I suppose the Twilight and Outlander series are considered "romance" by many. Oh, and there was that Nora Robert trilogy I got sucked into. Shoot! Maybe I've already covered the romance category. Maybe I shouldn't press my luck. I mean it can't possibly get better than Outlander, right? Or maybe I should deliberately seek out the really trashy stuff. I don't know...

Anyway, I plan to reserve judgement until I give some of these genres a try. I won't, for example, giggle when I read the following description on Amazon: "being cursed into a book as a love-slave for eternity can ruin even a Spartan warrior's day." Ahem... I'm being brave here people. Please don't judge.

I've never had an interest in any of these literary flavors before but I think it's time to stop being a snob. For all I know I adore those romance novels with buff guys on the covers. Or maybe those new age-y looking sci-fi books will curl my toes. I just don't know, but I think it's time to open my mind and give new (to me) genres a chance.

I tried doing a search online for "Good sci-fi" and "Decent Romance" with little luck. I looked through some Amazon reviews but I rarely trust those. I did, however, learn that the test of a good romance story is being able to read a love scene, out loud, without snickering. That could be a hilarious test.

I'm clueless about these types of books so I need your help. If you have any fun books to suggest, please do. Don't feel you even have to stay within those genres listed above. If you feel strongly about some other category let me know. I'm guessing all genres have an upper echelon so I'm looking for those.

I realize I don't have a vast readership here but I'm hoping those who do stop by will offer some suggestions. I'd especially love to hear about any long closeted guilty pleasures hidden on your bookshelves.

Don't be shy, speak up!


P.S. While looking for a fun book cover pic to include in this post, I stumbled upon this site. I will not snicker... I will not snicker... *biting inside of cheek* I will not snicker...


shanna said...

i'm all about the romance mystery type...i guess that's because i was named after the the late 70's romance novel "shanna"; if i had been a boy my mom would've called me rjork. i can't say that "shanna" is a good read though. i enjoy most of nora roberts' books and anything by v.c. andrews.

shandon said...

As your official "book bitch," I will supply you with a list of suggestions. I know where to find you.