Monday, September 1

I hate Rick

Ok, first of all, I have to say... abstinence rocks!

Ok, now that I've got that out of the way allow me to move on to my annoyance with this new jackhole from CNN. Have you seen this guy Rick Sanchez? I can't stand the guy and can't believe he's got the prime time slot for CNN. I have a feeling he fills CNN's vague attempt to diversify their anchor base. Surely there are better choices out there.

I don't spend a lot of time watching CNN but when there is a developing story (Gustav and the convention) I may have it on on the background. I knew I didn't like this Rick character when I saw that night after night he was sitting around in an air-conditioned studio with his sleeves rolled up as if he were really suffering through the evacuation. I tried to give him a chance but I quickly realized I find him to be blow hard with a tendency to speak too loudly and condescendingly. He’s such a jerk! When asked if he recalled the Exxon Valdez disaster he dismissively replied “Oh yeah, the one in Alaska.” *Doh!* He clearly doesn't know what he’s talking about on almost every subject yet he has mysteriously become CNN’s go-to guy for the past few days of Gustav coverage. What could they possibly be thinking? Shouldn't they be relying on somebody with at least a glimmer of empathy?

Meanwhile, I’ve been wondering where in the world Anderson Cooper has been. I figured he was on his way to New Orleans and, as it turns out, I was right. Last night I watched that terrible Rick Sanchez speak with Anderson who was reporting live from the French Quarter. Rick had the nerve to give Anderson Cooper advise on how to report from a storm! Are you kidding me, Rick?! Here's some news for ya Rick, it may be news to you but Anderson Cooper knows how to report from terrible scenes and manages to do it with some empathy. You should try it some time, Rick.

I'm now officially begging CNN to please keep the aging USC frat boy types out of my face. Rick Sanchez keeps cutting reporters off and has spent the last few days checking his ridiculous Facebook page for comments on live television. If I wanted to know what folks on chat rooms had to say, I’d go there myself. I just can’t imagine any other legitimate reporter wasting time on Facebook at a time like this. Since when is hanging out in a chat room considered reporting?
Rick Sanchez has also been talking about MySpace and Twitter as well. **Sigh** Whatever happened to real reporting? Nowadays it seems sitting around in a studio reading off emails and talking to fools on the phone is as thorough as it gets. It’s so depressing.

As a result I’ve been forced to entirely abandon CNN for the seemingly greener pastures of MSNBC. At least the anchors there are respectfully wearing suits and matching somber moods. They're even attempting to explain the dynamics of the storm and following the evacuation from knowledgeable sources.

I’ll flip past CNN to see what Anderson has to say but if I see that jackhole Rick on the screen I’m outta there.

Also, a quick check online indicates that I'm not the only Rick hater out there. He is apparently despised by many. Will I be emailing CNN about this? you better believe it!

Anderson, I’m afraid it’s all up to you my friend.

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