Tuesday, September 26

Corporate misunderstandings

Sometimes I love Corporate America, here's why:

We are participating in a "Team Building" afternoon of bowling. Teams have been predetermined with the BIG boss bowling with the interns. (That alone is hilarious, but I digress.)

I'm bowling with a fairly influential HR executive with a wicked sense of humor. Said HR executive has decided we need to send intimidating notes to other teams as part of his pre-game, trash-talk strategy. He found a ransom font and left notes with "Bowl like your job depends on it!" on the desks of the BIG boss and his team of interns. Problem is, the interns think the threatening note is from the BIG Boss. I'm still laughing. I can't believe an HR person has gotten the BIG Boss in trouble and the BIG Boss doesn't even know it yet. Can you imagine how scared those poor interns must be?! Needless to say, everything about the situation cracks me up.

I sent the following email to the HR Executive, he's freaking out:

The interns think your ransom note is from BIG Boss. It says something like "Bowl like your job depends on it", right?
I can't stop laughing. Way to go spaz!!

Ah, Corporate America I love you so.

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