Tuesday, September 26

Good grief!

So, today the President called the majority of this country naive for no longer buying his analysis of the war an Iraq and it's repercussions.

Just this weekend I began writing a letter to the President pointing out the fact that he (and his war) has become "the greatest recruiting TOOL the terrorists could have dreamed of". I was still tweaking the letter when the NY Times broke a story Sunday morning that backed my sentiment. The White House immediately started a whining campaign claiming the story had been illegally leaked to the Times by the Dems and that the timing was politically motivated. (Never mind that gas prices just happen to drop right before November elections. The claim is that "Threats to supplies have not materialized". Hmm, that realization couldn't be politically motivated/timed could it? Also curious is that those pesky leaks don't seem to bother Bush when they come directly from the White House.... but, once again, I digress.) Under pressure, Bush declassified parts of the NIE report. If you haven't read the report, you should. It's nothing you haven't already figured out, but still...

Just for fun, here are a couple of quotes for you to ponder:

"I think that it's time, in this country, to quit making national heroes out of those who steal secrets and publish them in the newspapers."

President Bush you may think? Well yes, he has said things like that, but no, actually it's a quote from President Nixon when the Watergate story was breaking. We all know why he had his panties in a twist over those national heroes.

And here's another one for you:

"I think it violates the President's powers under the Constitution. It is ineffective and immoral, and yet the President stubbornly pursues it... ignoring the will of the American people as measured by every public opinion sampling."

That quote is from Hubert Humphrey speaking of Nixon's continued bombing of Cambodia but it sounds awfully familiar these days.

P.S. I know there are folks out there who still defend Bush, some of them are even friends, but come on guys, you can't possibly still be buying his crap. Are you seriously happy with the job he's doing? Just curious.

*Stepping off soap box*

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