Tuesday, September 12

Grown up

So, it's official, I got the promotion. I sort of feel like a grown up. When I thanked the big boss personally she asked if I was "ok" with my raise. I mean really, how many people get THAT opportunity? I'd have been an idiot to say "Oh yeah, I'm fine". I told her the truth, that it was a little lower than I'd expected but that a bonus might be nice. I know, I know, at first I felt a little guilty for asking for more. Percentage wise they've been very generous BUT I really want to buy a condo this year so every little bit helps. Besides, I'm expected to be an even bigger bossy boots now so I figured I'd start on my own best interest. We'll see what happens.

On another front, a former boss lost her dad to a long series of illnesses. His funeral was this morning. A friend mentioned it to me yesterday and, through a miscommunication, she thought I'd declined to go. Well, today when I called to see when we'd leave for the service she said "I thought you couldn't go!" I said "Listen Missy, I wore my Spanx today and I don't wear Spanx for just anyone. Let's go!" "But I'm not appropriately attired!" she cried. "From the waist up I'm great but otherwise I'm a mess!" She was wearing flip flops. I told her I doubted our friend would care about her footwear today. She agreed to go but I had promise to cover her at all times. There were some pretty major big-wigs there and she "would just die" if any of them saw her feet. I did my duty and covered her. In the end she was glad we had gone. I don't even know if my former boss knew we were there but I was glad we took the time.

The only awkward moment came as we pulled up to the cemetery curb. We looked up and saw a rather casually dressed young man get out of the car in front of us. As we stepped out to the lawn, I nodded in his direction and whispered "See, you're fine. Look at him." My friend replied "Great, I'll just go sit with Ludacris. See ya later." I literally laughed out loud. Very loud in fact. Now THAT was inappropriate. Oops!


shandon said...

Congratulations on the promotion! Does this mean you now have the power to get out of boring obligations, like that business trip on the 19th?

Chris said...

Congratulations! Home-ownership, here you come!