Monday, September 25

On blast

On blast: to yell at someone or put them in their place

Recently a much younger colleague was describing an altercation she just survived. She claimed that the offending party "Totally put me on blast!". Another, age appropriate, friend and I loved the term so much that we've used it ever since. Whenever I'm annoyed or even mildly angry I'll warn "I'm about to put her on blast!" I love it!

Well, this morning I felt the need to put someone on blast (it really worked by the way). I mentioned it to the much younger colleague and she laughed at me! She thought it was hilarious that I was using the phrase. I feel so old and there's no one to put on blast.

*shuffling away*

1 comment:

shandon said...

"You go, girl" -- before it became completely passe, it was the phrase that made me sound most like an idiot.

"On blast," however, is cool. I say we steal it from the kids and make it our own.