Friday, September 1

Is it just me?

Did you see those Hummer commercials where the young man/woman are somehow bullied and they react by racing out to buy a Hummer? I had a nice time laughing at those commercials because I thought they reinforced what I already knew about Hummer drivers, that they are immature, insecure, whiny, wanna-be's unable to take a stand on anything worthwhile. Well, I thank Hummer for characterizing their consumers so perfectly. Sadly, these commercials seem to have disappeared (hmm, I wonder what on earth could have happened?) and have been replaced with shiny new commercials built upon a theme of escape. Once again showcasing Hummer drivers desperate to escape their loser lives.

Why am I picking on Hummer drivers today. Because one of those wankers cut me off this morning. There's nothing like watching a Hummer driver dart through traffic like they're in a sports car. Make up your mind you sad sack! Either get the sports car or get the Hummer. Either way, you're still stuck in your lame life with that tiny penis. Nothing you buy will ever help. Too bad, so sad.