Thursday, September 21


Today I went in for my first mammogram. Ladies, I'm here to tell you it's really no big deal (assuming you are not retaining water!).

The first thing the lab technician said was "I know you've heard all about this. It's much better than you've heard. She was SO right. There are four "shots" taken. Together, they take about 3 minutes to complete. After the technician finished, I told her "I've felt more pain getting my blood pressure taken!" She agreed.

I'm glad it's over but I will never again dread the mammogram. I've decided it's the easiest procedure I've ever had. It's that easy.

I spoke with my brother while I was driving to my appointment. I mentioned where I was going but we mostly talked about that great Dodgers win the other night, the cute movie he sent of the kids, the latest CD he insists I buy and so on. Right before we hung up, he said "Hey, good luck with that boob thing." Thanks bro!

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Chris said...

That cartoon is hysterical!