Sunday, September 17


As mentioned, it's been a bit hectic for me lately but, overall things are good.

The latest:

I'm officially on the Nip/Tuck (turn down your volume if you're clicking here) bandwagon. A friend loaned me her Season One set and I was up 'til 1:30 am Thursday night watching the first 6 episodes. I love it! I've got a lot of episodes to catch up on. Let's see if I actually do it.

Watched a really good documentary Shandon recommended called Titanic - The Complete Story. Check it out if you can.

Watched The Miracle Worker on TCM for the first time. They were right, those are some pretty impressive performances.

Went to my nephew's baseball game. It freaks me out the way kids take on the mannerisms of adults. It made me a little sad to see the little man so grown up. He plays really well but insists on sliding at every opportunity. Even if someone is being walked, he must slide to the next base. It's pretty funny. In the mean time, my niece was asking for gum. I didn't have any so instead asked if she wanted a Life Savers. She had no idea what I was talking about. (Can you imagine?!) I gave Little Miss her first cherry Life Savers. I tend to take a lot of her firsts for granted but she was so enthusiastic abut the Life Savers that even I took notice. Do they still make those holiday Life Savers "books"? If I can find one I'll be getting one for her for Christmas.

Oh! And I watched a good A&E show titled The Black Death this morning. I knew some of how it was spread and all but learned today that it hit Europe when enemy ships started catapulting plague riddled corpses onto the shores of Genoa. Now that's some nasty war tactics. (I tried to look up some symptoms for you to bo on the look out for but instead found some really yucky pix of plagued out hands and feet. Eww!! I'm not incliding any links here 'cause they're just too gross.)

On a lighter note, I caught the first episode of Three's Company. I loved the show in the 70's but haven't really watched it since. I was getting ready to meet a friend for brunch and realized it was on. I've always wondered how exactly they first revealed with the "Jack's gay" storyline that latest for too many seasons. Well now I know. For those wondering, Joyce DeWitt tells Mr. Roper Jack is gay OFF CAMERA. It's completely lame. Shoulda known.

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shandon said...

I looove the Black Death! It's my favorite plague. Last Halloween I went as a 14th century plague victim, pustules and buboes and all.

Glad you liked the Titanic doc.