Tuesday, February 19

Comfort and Joy

Well, I'm finally down to one pill a day and I'm feeling MUCH better. Most folks at work refuse to see a doctor about this flu. Meanwhile, I smugly sit, breathing easy and feelin' fine. he best part is that I've found that a nice side effect of the antibiotics, rest and lots of water is that my skin looks great!

The only trouble now is that I'm sort of addicted to lounging in bed. I've spent so many days in bed, nursing my flu, that I've come to like it. Well, I like it now that I'm feeling better. Ever since my first 'bout with this bug I've pretty much rushed home from work just so I could throw on my pjs, wash my face and have a quick dinner. I then spend the evening on the phone, online, watching bad tv (or sometimes good PBS) and flipping through pretty magazines. I can tell you life is pretty good with a stack of pretty mags, a Tivo remote and some cough syrup with Codeine. *heaven* I'm seriously considering getting something like this to additionally feed my addiction.

The only hiccup comes when disturbing news sneaks across the tv screen. A few weeks back Tony insisted I watch Life After People. It was well done and certainly interesting but it completely freaked me out. When I told Tony about my reaction he just couldn't understand my problem. I told him it was spooky and that I'd be sticking to Jane Austen and TCM from now on.

Yesterday, my brother told us my poor nephew wandered into his office with tears streaming down his sweet cheeks. He had been in the next room watching Life After People and apparently had the same reaction I'd had. He just said "Dad, that show is freaking me out. I think I need to watch Garfield or something to take my mind off it." Awww, poor kid. While I was sad to hear he'd been so upset, it was somehow comforting to learn I wasn't the only one freaked out by that damn show. I'm sorry, I enjoy NYC and I don't need to see it deserted but for the wild pack of wolves roaming the streets. *shudder*

More than anything, I'm proud that my nephew knows exactly how to shake off the demons of the day. My poison may be Jane Austen and PBS while his is Garfield and Star Wars. He already understands the value of a good comfort film and I'm glad to know that knowledge is being passed down to the next generation. I like those kind of smarts in a kid.

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