Wednesday, February 13

Still wired

Well, I was wired and wide awake until 5:00 am when I finally fell asleep. I had to get up at 6:45 am to get ready for my annual OB appt. I tried to call ahead, to ask if my mega drugs might interfere with any test results, but the my appt was set before 9:00 am when they start taking calls. I just got ready and hoped for the best.

When I saw my doc, and she asked how I was, I told her about my "cold". She then corrected me buy saying "No, that's officially a flu." She listened to my lungs and did her thing. Afterwards she said words that you really never want to hear from your girlie doc. No not the dreaded "C" word, but still, something you just never want to hear. She said "It's amazing that you're fine now but *deep inhalation of air*... between your Z-pacs and all that Prednisone... you're looking a a MEAN yeast infection. I'm just going to write you a prescription now 'cause... it's coming." Oh great. She continued with "Go fill this now and the second you feel ANYTHING, start taking it. You'll be fine." Good grief (and apologies to Norman). We then discussed diet and exercise. I told her I'd been losing weight since the new year. I handed her a list of foods I'd been eating and said "It's probably just the way you eat." She confirmed my suspicion. We then discussed recipes and food prep short cuts for about 15 minutes. I love my doctor. She must schedule time to chat with her patients because she never rushes and we always end up talking for at least 10-15 minutes after my exam. In fact, the exam never takes more than 5 minutes. It's the catching up that takes all the time. The very first time I met her, we talked for 30 minutes before she ever laid a hand on me. I'd NEVER had a doctor spend so much time just getting to know me. She's usually interested in my lifestyle and the stress in my life. She's such a great doctor.

I told her about that damn Prednisone keeping me up all night. She said brightly "Now you know how it feels to be bi-polar... or to have a giant caffeine drip!" I agreed. She went on to say "But isn't it amazing stuff?" I told her that, yes, I felt remarkably better but that the lack of sleep was going to be a problem. Assuming I can make it to the weekend I should be good to go though.

On the way home I dropped off her prescription (some things you just don't procrastinate) and asked the Pharmacist about the no sleeping thing. I was hoping I could move my "take at bedtime dosage" to the dinner time frame. He nodded and said "Yeah, the first couple of days are very high dosages so those first nights are rough. The dosage lessens as you go on. It gets better. You'll be good for the weekend!" He was so optimistic. How I'm supposed to get to Friday with no sleep I'm not exactly sure. Also, after a week of no appetite these drugs are making me hungry. The party's over. :(

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