Tuesday, February 12

On the mend

So, the doc walked in the room, took one look at me and said "So, I guess we need the big guns, huh?". I just nodded. She poked around and looked in in my mouth then said that since the Z-pac wasn't working I'd need steroids but "not the muscle kind". (Well that's a relief since I'm not excactly trying to gain weight.) Then some other girl came in and gave me a shot of prednisone (I think it's called... I've been sort of dingy so I'm not so sure what the heck they gave me). I said what I always say in that scenario "I'm sure you're great at this, but I just can't watch." My mom never let me watch a shot coming and it's a tradition I've stuck with as an adult.

I later spoke with my boss. She got a steroid shot when she recently had sinusitis. She told me "You'll feel better by 6:00 pm." I was skeptical, but the woman was right. I've gone from not being able to swallow to barely having a scratchy throat. It's a miracle! I still have a pretty bad sinus headache but I'm afraid to take any over the counter drugs with my prescribed drugs because of Heath Ledger. He ruined it for everyone. NO more free-for-all Excedrin PM popping me for me! I'm just hoping that I can take my cough syrup, get some sleep and wake up without the headache. I've got my annual girlie doctor appointment tomorrow but I'm a little worried all these hard core drugs will mess up and tests they run on me. Guess I'll have to call and ask first thing tomorrow morning.

Hope you're all hanging in there. My doc said that she's never seen anything like this flu. It just isn't going away. She's had dozens and dozens of patients come in two, three and four times with the same bug. I admit, it made me feel better. I was beginning to think I had some sort of sub par immunity system. Somehow it's good to know others are going through the same thing.

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