Wednesday, February 20

I hear ya loud and clear!

I hit the wall around noon today. Several annoying things happened in a row that all made me feel taken advantage of. On top of this, my blood sugar was sinking fast and that makes me damn cranky. A few unfortunate souls crossed my path in those few minutes. I later apologized for being a psycho Betty. Soon after those run-ins, I grabbed my keys and took off for lunch, before there was a homicide. I just had to get out of the building. On top of all this, I was still fuming from my morning commute. I recently had my car serviced and asked that my wind shield wipers be replaced. This morning was the first time I needed wipers since their installation. I heard a scratching noise but figured it was a twig or random oak leaf stuck under the rubber blade (beacuse that happens all the time). Once at work I got out to move the offending twig and realized the scratchy noise was in fact being caused by the metal clasp meant to hold the rubber blade. The wipers had not been installed properly and were SCRATCHING A GROOVE into my windshield. What the... ?! Man, was I mad!

As busy as I was at work, I realized I'd have to leave early to get to the auto repair shop before they closed tonight (5:30 pm) so they could fix it. That meant leaving work at 4:45. Way too early considering my current work load. The good news was that traffic was a dream at 4:45. I was whizzing along the 210 for most of my drive when suddenly traffic slammed to a halt. Typical!! I was instantly annoyed until I realized why everyone was braking. They were all trying to get a good look at this magnificent site:

Yup, a brilliant double rainbow. I immediately forgave all drivers for slowing down. It sort of restored my faith in humanity to know that cynical LA drivers are occasionally prone to stop and stare at a rainbow.

I got my wipers replaced (and it looks like I'll really be needing them this week). Then made my way home. On the way, I saw this:

It was like having karma police step in and say "listen little lady, in case you didn't get our rather obvious rainbow hint, here's another sight to help you calm the hell down." I also happened to be listening to this song followed by this one. It's just really hard to be crabby when your drive home includes beautiful rainbows, deer grazing on your neighbor's lawn and groovy music on the radio.

It's safe to say, I got the karmic hint. I'm feeling much better and I promise to lighten up in the, inevitably busy, weeks to come.

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