Thursday, February 28

Here she is, boys!

*doing the pee pee dance*

Guess who's going to see Patti Lupone in Gypsy next week?! ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm SO excited. I'll be in NYC next week for work and a group of us wanted to get together for dinner and a show. Trouble is, how do you decide when you only have one free night? We heard In the Heights was pretty good. Maybe Young Frankenstein isn't really all that bad, even though we'd all heard it stunk. How about Legally Blond? That's supposed to be a fun show. Yeah, but the star loves herself too much. Hmm... Eventually I mentioned I'd LUUUUUUUUUV to see Patti in Gypsy but that it would probably be impossible to get tix for the preview. Then a friend came back and said that she could not only get Gypsy tix, but that she could get them for half price. Of course, half of $250 ticket is still steep but, COME ON, Patti Lupone as Mama!? I am so there.

One co-worker, and a perfectly likeable guy, couldn't decide if he wanted to join us. He couldn't quite place Gypsy. *sigh* What?

Lucy: You, know GYPSY... Gypsy Rose Lee...stripper...Everything's Coming up Roses...Ethel Merman?!
Co-worker: Ethel Merman was a stripper?
Lucy: Dude, you're killing me.

Later, someone said "She wasn't a stripper." Oh, excuse me... burlesque dancer. Whatever! It's all about Mama anyway.

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Linda said...

I saw this play years ago on Broadway when the actress, Tyne Daly, of Cagney and Lacie fame, played Momma. It's hard to beat that solo at the end-I had a dream...