Saturday, February 23

New on the Blog Roll

I've updated my Blog Roll. I've listed some blogs I've been test driving for a few weeks and really like. Many are mostly pretty and foreign. Some are great for crafty inspiration while others just make me laugh.

One of the most fascinating is The Sartorialist. It features pictures of incredibly chic people on the streets of France. It almost makes me afraid to go to France. I could never be that fashionable!

Oh, and check out The Dares. It's a group of rather of irreverent scrappers (aka anti-scrappers). They seem to have taken a slight hiatus because one of them won a scrapping award from some big scrap magazine. It was later discovered that she didn't take the pictures featured on the winning entry *gasp* and the whole scrapping world went bonkers. I mean these women went completely feral on the winner. I read about the scandal here and was so annoyed I actually wrote the poor woman/victim to offer my support. I mean come on! With all that's happening in the world it seems there must be something more important to revolt against. Unbelievable!

Take a look at the new blogs listed and let me know what you think.

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Linda said...

Thanks for including me on your blog roll. Isn't the blogging world great?