Wednesday, February 6

Imagine my disappointment

Yesterday I voted at a new polling place. They've been changing my polling place annually lately. It's sort of annoying because until recently I'd been going to the same sweet old lady's house for years. Now, of course, I'm worried about the little old lady. Why aren't we voting at her house anymore? Is she just sick of the responsibility and retired or worse? I can't stand thinking about it. There used to be a dapper old man who walked past our house every day. And let's be clear, I live in a hilly area. This old guy was in remarkable shape and well into his 90's. One day we realized we hadn't seen him in a while. We learned he'd died and it makes me sad to this day. We also had a nice man named Dick who used to sit on the curb and wave to every car as it passed. Dick had Down Syndrome and was the friendliest person I've ever seen. One day Dick too disappeared. We never found out what happened to him. His parents were old so we assume he had to move elsewhere. I hope Dick is still sitting on the curb waving to passersby. You couldn't help but adore him for trying to make your day.

But I digress, while I remain worried about my elderly poll place worker, there was some happy news. My new polling place was at a fire station. Why is this good news? Well duh. My first thought, when learning the location of my polling place, was "Ooh, firemen!". As I walked up the path to vote, I noticed I'd have to pass through a weight room. My internal voice squealed "Ooh, pumped firemen!" Somehow I thought this guy might be casually hanging out with the volunteer polling place ladies:

He wasn't there. In fact I didn't see a single fireman the entire time I was there. Imagine my bitter disappointment when I walked only to see a gaggle of senior citizens? *sigh* The real good news was that there were three Democrat booths at my polling place. I think 3 dem booths is a record for my city. I was very excited to learn that Dad and I are no longer the only ones. Happy days!

And the best news of all? The guilt trip worked. AR voted right after work yesterday. Woo hoo!!

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kb said...

Oh, I miss Dick! He was so happy and cheerful and I always made sure to wave as I passed by him on the way to your house. That seems like a lifetime ago!