Wednesday, March 15

Color me Hooters

(I wrote this the other day but forgot to post it. Enjoy!)

I went to an offsite meeting with a LWC. We were trying to avoid the crowd we were holed up with all morning but needed lunch. After much contemplation we decided to try Hooters. Yes, Hooters.

Let me paint the picture, LWC and I were both dressed in our better work clothes. We both happen to be a plus sized girls. All of the patrons in Hooters are men. All varieties of men and all surprised to see two women walk in.

With all the confidence in the world LWC steps up to the seating podium and says to Bobby, the host, "Hi! Can I have an application?" WTF?! Bobby (God bless the guy) doesn't miss a beat and says "Sure!" He looks around for one then says "I don't have one up front but I'll have one sent to your table." "Thank God", I'm thinking, that's a nice way to blow us off. We are promptly seated and order our drinks. LWC goes to the bathroom and a Hooters girl quickly arrives, slides an application towards me and says "Here's your application." I shout "It's not for me!!!" Then feel badly because I've probably insulted her. LWC comes back and I hand her the application with a "Here's your DAMN Hooters application!" I was MORTIFIED!! After laughing 'til she cries, LWC asks "Do you think they'd ever really hire a plus sized girl?" To which I respond "NO! And poor Bobby is in the back right now looking up his equal opportunity rules and a lawyer. I'm sure he thinks we're angry lesbians here to sue his ass off!"

And that was my fun day at Hooters. I don't recommend the place by the way. The women are very nice but completely exploited (No! Really?!). I can now judge from first hand experience. Hooters sucks.

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