Wednesday, March 15

New York, NY

Greetings from New York!

My boss and I were walking down the street when a man rammed into her. I mean literally bounced off her and just kept on walking. We both turned around to glance at the guy (mostly out of surprise and disbelief) he looked back and yelled "Fuck you!" Ah, New York. Either they're flattering you or telling you to go fuck yourself.

We had an AMAZING dinner at Philippe. We met the famous Mr. Chow. Holy cow can that guy cook! I don't think I ever knew what Chinese food was supposed to taste like until tonight. I call outrageously yummy food "crack items". Every dish I tasted qualified as a "crack item". I'll crave it all for the rest of my days. (And speaking of NY cravings, have you had the famous Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate? I swear it's worth the airfare to New York. They definitely put crack in it.)

It was the first time I had met these clients. They were very fun. When I asked them about some restaurant suggestions around our hotel they gave some great recommendations. When I asked specifically about a good deli, I was told "The deli near you is closed. It's over. You're fucked." Too funny.

Sometimes I like my job.

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