Tuesday, March 28



I had the misfortune of canceling my Cingular account after the first three days of my billing cycle. I'm now expected to pay the amount for the full month. Can they do this? Can somebody really charge you for services NOT rendered? I'm going to ask the Better Business Bureau. They're like a big brother who will beat you up if you're mean to me. I love them.

I'm just the type of consumer companies hate the most. I'm slightly obsessed with fairness and justice so I have no problem writing corporations and tattling on them when they're being turd-like. I can also stay on hold for ridiculous amounts of time. I have a speaker phone and I'm not afraid to use it.

I told the poor customer service rep that I understood this was not his fault but that I was thrilled I had dumped his lame network. When I explained that my new boy friend, errr...provider, had only a 60 second customer service wait (while Cingular's is about 10 minutes) he replied "Well, ma'am, we get a lot of calls from our customers". I asked if he ever thought that might be the problem. He didn't have much of an answer.

I've broken up with my cellular provider and now it's acting like a scorned lover. And frankly, so am I. I'll have my revenge!!!

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