Tuesday, March 21


Is it mean to laugh at a good friend when they describe the enormous digger they took in the Macy's parking lot this afternoon? I adore this person but could not stop laughing as she described hooking her heel in her pant cuff and lurching forward into primo biff position. She ate it so badly that her Blackberry and purse went flying. She was ok but damn was it funny. I asked if anyone had seen her (because, of course, the first thing you do is look around for witnesses). She said some lady drove by and rolled down her window to ask how she was. Mortified!!!

I think I laugh because it makes me think of all the spills I've taken over the years. To date, the all time winner is my spectacular dive down the Scarlett O'Hara stairs at the movie theater. How I avoided breaking a bone is beyond me. I guess all of those calcium pills really help.

Which reminds me of our "bullet proof dog". We had a small terrier who, we discovered late in life, had been stealing Tums off my dad's nightstand for years. We had to take him to the vet one day and the guy kept asking "How old did you say this dog was?". We explained that he was about 13 years old. He showed us the x-ray and told us our pup had the bones of a 2 year old dog. Finally, we remembered the dog's Tums habit and explained it to the vet. I've been taking calcium ever since.

Enough rambling for today...

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