Friday, March 31

Brother can you spare an office?

My company has spent a bunch of money to move us to a brand spankin' new location. The move isn't for months but people are already in a panic. Corporate sent out a preemptive email of FAQs and even (believe it or not) a web cam showing the progress of construction. We recently spoke to the head of our division in meetings broken out by smallish groups (I guess they were trying to give these discussions a more intimate feel). Anyway, he proudly showed us the state-of-the-art building, desk spaces, layouts etc and all people cared about was:

1) Will I have to sit in a cube (Odds are yes, but it's a pretty bitchin' cube.)

2) Will I have covered parking? (No, so enjoy watching the big-wig's new black sports car melt in the CA sun.)

3) Will I have easy access to a Starbucks? (Duh! Doesn't everyone these days?)

Funny, a company spends god knows how much money and time on building a better workspace and all the people care about are their $5 problems. Once again, no matter where you are on the corporate ladder you still get shit on.

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Lizze said...

Your new office sounds good! At least your company got its shit together and can plan a move.

The company that I work for were going to move around the corner (to be suitable fitted for our dear CEO's ego), spent £600k and then decided that we could not afford it. Looks like the profit will be £100-£150k ... no bonus this year then.

Management don't do $15 problem – they are way too important for that stuff ;)

Found your blog today and I like it.