Saturday, March 18

To all the men I've loved before

So, I'm sick as a dog today. When I feel this bad just get me an In Style magazine, a bad Hallmark Channel movie and tuck me in for the weekend.

Today's very special Hallmark offering was titled "Straight From the Heart" and boy was it! It caught my attention because a) it was on Hallmark Channel so it's considered stress free viewing with a guaranteed happy ending and b) Greg Evigan was a guest star. Now, if you're like me (knocking on 40's door) then you may also hold a special place in your heart for Mr. Evigan. I, for instance, fondly remember slumber parties and private screenings built entirely around the dreamy life of a truck driver and a monkey called "BJ and the Bear". Yup, you heard me. The theme song was equally moving..."BJ McKay and this is my best friend Bear". *sigh*

At the time, I was trapped (aka living) in a profoundly boring desert community. Greg Evigan and John Travolta were my favorite crushes/escapes at the time. Parker Stevenson had been my first love but he mysteriously disappeared from all television shows and therefore had to be replaced in credits of my heart as well. I was 10, give me a break. Today, I proudly stand by my men. Parker, Greg and John are all still hot. In fact, I'm happy to report, Greg is looking especially well.

I had, and continue to have, great taste in men (celebrity men that is). I may not be able to breathe but I can pick 'em.

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