Sunday, January 14

Excessively Diverted

I wouldn't call it writer's block but more a type of writer's apathy. (Besides, I'm no writer.)
I just haven't had much to say lately.

We're going through a quarterly freak-out at work. I guess I've just been too beat at the end of the day to jot anything down here.

Over this long weekend I've laid low but I can tell you a little about it:
  • I'm trying a couple of new recipes, one was so-so, the other will be made tomorrow. I'll have to tell you about it later.
  • I saw Notes on a Scandal yesterday. It's got some great performances and I liked it.
  • I've become obsessed with a BBC series called The House of Elliot. It's from the early 90's so that may explain the fact that I have NO recollection of it.
  • I've downloaded some new stuff from iTunes.
  • Lately, I'm falling to sleep to a recently rediscovered Hawaiian Rain Showers CD. I love it! I'm slightly paranoid that I will become addicted to it. (You know, unable to sleep without it.) I highly recommend giving it a try though.
  • I intended to do some scrapping this weekend but that hasn't happened. I still have to finish my London/Dublin trip so, needless to say, I haven't even started my South Dakota trip.
  • I Netflix'd an interesting film called Conversations with Other Women. It's not exactly a fast paced flick but it has a good story to tell and it does so with a split screen throughout. I realize "interesting" is, as my journalism professor called, a "thud" word but it's true in this instance.
  • It's damn cold around here lately. The nights have been dipping below 30 degrees. Mom and I have been worried that our "crop" (aka one orange tree) may freeze. Dad can't help but laugh at us.
  • I learned that I am not yet a Janeite. Apparently having read Pride and Prejudice (albeit several times) and seen many Austen based films doesn't cut it. Take the test to see how you do. I've got some reading to do.
  • I still love my new bed.

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