Friday, January 5

Tech support

Recently we recieved emails at work telling us that due to security issues we'd need to upgrade our software and install stuff to sign online wirelessly. The email went on to explain that we would all be receiving packets with detailed instructions on how to install the software along with a CD full of said software OR we could walk our laptops down the street to a temporary office full of IT guys who would do it for us. Needless to say, a group of us got together and took a little walk. When we arrived, no IT guys were there (what?!) so we were asked to come back later OR wait in a conference room. We decided to wait. It was a good decision. We were soon all assigned to tech guys. Naturally we had a lot of questions. You have no idea how great it is to get a half dozen tech guys together and lob questions at them. They had a cure for everything. It was great! My tech guy got my little lap top to do things it would never even dream of doing for me. We told them that, while we admired their optimism, there was no way in hell we were going to try to install all that crap ourselves. By the end of our session I was standing up in the room clapping and saying "Come one everyone, let's give it up for the Kevin! Woo, hoo!!!" I think it might have been Kevin's first standing ovation.

In other tech news, today I was dared to post my high school senior portrait on this blog. I'd love to oblige but I may not be technically savvy enough to pull it off. I lack a scanner and when I went to our online High School Yearbook (yes, they actually exist...what a nightmare!) I'm only able to copy the entire page. It just doesn't seem fair to drag my fellow graduates into this dare. Shandon, if you can tell me how to do it, I will. And while we're on a tech topic: Trooper, how do you get those fun You Tube clips on your site? I love my MacBook but I don't think it's very good at copying and pasting video and portions of high school yearbook pages. Help!

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Trooperdog said...

Tech advice #1: to get your yearbook pic on here, download the whole page from the site and then open the file in a photo editor program (like iphoto for mac). Cut out your face and save it as a new photo file!!!

Tech advice #2: On the YouTube sites, to the right of each video is some script next to where it says "embed". I just copy that and paste it into my blog. On Xanga we have something that says "edit html" and I have to tic that to put the stuff in. Anyway, if it doesn't work for you on blogger, just give a link to the URL!