Tuesday, January 2

Show some respect

I miss my week off. I had such a nice relaxing bit of time off. *sigh*

Oh well, at least I get Martin Luther King Jr. Day off, then President's Day next month. Speaking of... did anyone else feel sort of strong-armed into mourning Ford in the past week? I mean, I'm sorry he died, and I feel really bad for Betty but sheesh! He had 93 pretty interesting years. I was actually going to listen to the eulogy/service this morning but when I got in the car and turned on NPR I was "treated" to Bush drawling on insincerely. Blechhh! I'm sorry, I just couldn't stomach it. The jerk couldn't even get his butt to Washington for the rotunda services. Isn't that part of his gig, by the way? To at least feign sorrow for the passing of a predecessor? What a jackass. I'm not sure which is more distasteful, CNN pushing the nation to mourn for ratings or the thought of W partying in the new year instead of getting back to DC for ceremonies. It's not like he was busy making peace somewhere. I hope the Fords threw him a few stink-eyes.

Ok, I'll stop now...

On lighter note, check out this cool blog I stumbled upon. It's not updated regularly but it's worth a peek from time to time. I've always longed to be more creative type and this is a fun way to live vicariously through the artists out there. Check out Miss December 17th's digs. Holy cow!


Thom Singer said...

You only have two years and 16 days until the next president. You will find it much less fun when he is back in Crawford Texas for good.

shandon said...

Less fun but also less heartache.