Saturday, January 6

PBS 2007

I've been raised on PBS. From Mister Rogers to Bill Moyers or Sesame Street to Frontline PBS has always been there. Because I love it so much I decided to check out what was coming up in 2007. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

Jane Eyre, the Masterpiece Theater production (Woo hoo!)
Frontline, some of the only journalism left on television
American Experience has some good stuff coming up
History Detectives is a lot of fun
P.O.V. is always a marvel
Secrets of the Dead is fascinating
Austin City Limits, because you never know what to expect except good music
BBC World News, for a fresh perspective
and so much more...

Here are a few you might have missed but could always Netflix:
Annie Liebovitz was recently featured on American Masters. Hopefully you got to see it.
American Experience New York: A Documentary Film and Influenza 1918 were both excellent.

Obviously, there is so much more to PBS but I thought I throw out a few recommendations. Happy viewing!

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