Saturday, January 27

Welcome to the 17th century

Yesterday, a new temp started. He was helping the woman who sits across the aisle from me. I'd noticed he spent a considerable amount of time texting people and that my co-worker seemed to be doing all the work while he sat and watched. The only thing that seemed to take his mind off the texting was his habit of watching as every woman walked by. I find this incredibly juvenile and offensive outside of he workplace but inside the workplace it's downright disgusting. I work in an area that's made up of about 80% woman... very strong women. I guess this is how I'm fortunate enough to forget what lecherous behaviour looks like. The kid made sure to look everyone in the eye (cool) but to get in their personal space (date rapist). He gave me the creeps but I was way too busy to care. At the end of the day the big, big, big boss came over to speak to me about a project I'm wrapping up. As she stepped from my desk I could hear my co-worker introduce the new temp. His reply was, and I swear, "Oh, you're the girl in the corner office. Yeah, I pay attention" Um, "girl"?! Are you kidding me? I hate to get on my feminist high horse but I doubt he would have referred to the male big-big boss as "the boy in the corner office". I'm not sure if that makes him more an idiot or an asshole.

After he left, my co-worker said "I think my temp is a little too casual. What do you think?" I just said "Girl in the corner office"? She said "I know! I braced myself but she took it in stride." He's toast.

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Stacie said...

OMG, insane!!