Friday, April 6


I took my niece and nephew to see Meet the Robinsons (in 3-D!) tonight. They were slated to go to church with their grandmother for Good Friday services but she decide they'd rather go to the movies with me. As usual, our souls are left in Grandma's hands. Good thing she's on our side.

As for the movie, I must say, the 3-D glasses provided were great. There is nothing better than looking down at a kid to see them wearing oversized Buddy Holly glasses. I also enjoy watching kids reach out to touch elements of a 3-D movie. My niece was a little freaked out at the stuff flying at her during the preview so I explained that, no matter what, nothing would fly out at or touch her.

Before the feature they showed Disney's first short made for 3-D. I have to say Chip & Dale hold up pretty well. Kids laugh at the same stuff that they laughed at 50 years ago. I find that somewhat comforting.

What did I think of the film? I liked it. I do think seeing it in 3-D is a great plus and must be most fun for kids. As with most animated films there are plenty of references for adults. It's funny when you realize how many references you take for granted. For instance, my favorite character, named Goob, treats a black eye with a steak. My niece whispered "Why is he putting meat on his eyes?" Try explaining that quietly and in under 3 seconds.

After the movie the kids were wired from their kid packs. Little Miss ate 2 1/2 tubes of Jolly Rancher Rocks (I have no idea --- it was dark and I'm no real parent). Once in the car, and on my way to drop them at Grandma's house, there was much squealing and rapping on heads with empty water bottles. It's amazing how much noise two kids can make. My mature solution? Crank up the radio SO LOUD you can no longer hear them. Stevie Wonder happened to be on the radio so I was perfectly content. After a minute or so of ear splitting music the squealing stopped.

I suppose I could have taken them to run some laps somewhere but it was getting late and grandma was waiting. Instead, I dropped them off and made sure they brushed their teeth and put on their pjs. That's the best I can do.

P.S. Shandon, you'd like the MTR soundtrack. It's got Rufus Wainwright and Danny Elfman. It's pretty good!

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