Friday, April 20

Do the Shuffle!

I saw this little experiment pop up somewhere and thought I'd give it a try. Since my iPod has been on shuffle all day, I figured it was time to give it a try.

The experiment? List the first 10 songs to pop up, when set to shuffle, on your digital player. No cheating, no matter how humiliating. Ready? Here we go:

Magnolia Soul - Ozomati
Choux Pastry Heart - Corrine Bailey Rae
Be My Somebody - Norah Jones
Rewind - Paulo Nutini
Red, White and Blue - Rockie Lynne (Who?)
Girl and the Sea - The Presets
Whispering - Lea Michele
Moonlight Mile - The Rolling Stones
Philosophia - The Guggenheim Group
Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in my Hand- Primitive Radio Gods (Oooh! Remember that one? Oh, come on, yes you do.)

So there you have it. The good the bad and the ugly of my iPod. The only one that is a bit embarrassing is the Rockie Lynne track. I honestly have no idea who that is or why it's on my iPod. I'm a fan of downloading some of the free stuff offered on iTunes so maybe that explains it. I recommend snagging some of the free stuff especially for the the shuffle feature. I'm frankly surprised I didn't get some show tunes on my list. Weird.

I don't even know which of my friends have iPods/mpeg players but I'd like to tag the following to see what their lists look like: Shandon, Norman and Trooperdog. If you don't have an iPod, then maybe you have digital stuff on your computer and can try it that way. Happy shuffling!


dirtroadkid said...

Rockie Lynne is a songwriter, musician, and performer.

Check him out at

Troop Supporter said...

Why would you be embarrassed about a song that is supporting our troops ? This song is plaeyd at every service for our fallen troops in Iraq. Rockie also performed it on Good Morning America July 4th, 2006.He has also visited our troops in Iraq & Afghanistan, as well as our wounded veterans.

Anonymous said...

Um, Troop Supporter, I think she said she was embarrassed because she didn't know who the artist was; I don't think she finds the song itself embarrassing.

Trooperdog said...'ve got a little controversy going on here!

Good list of songs. Isn't Corinne Bailey Ray wonderful?!?!?