Tuesday, April 10

Apologies to Norman for today's topic

Has anyone seen my period? Seriously. Aunt Flo never showed up. This has never happened to me before. I realize this is way too much information but what the heck is going on? There is no chance of pregnancy and I haven't had any midnight visits from God or angels so it's all very strange.

Do you think I'm perimenopausal? Oh God, is it that time already? According to iVillage I'm probably not perimenopausal but they did refer me to this site. *sigh*.

Shhhhhh. Can you hear that sound? I think I hear the faint sound of my uterus crying out this tune.

... and look, there she is now taking her final bow.


shandon said...

You know, based on my, er, EXTENSIVE visit from Aunt Flo this month, I'd have to say I'm getting your period in addition to mine!

Sorry, Norman.

Trooperdog said...

Oh my gosh...you and Shandon both crack me up.

Trooperdog said...

Norman said...

Dutifully fulfilling my expected role, I have a few remarks:

B/w you and Shandon, I have, respectively, what appears to be a wizened Conan O'Brien in drag and THE SHINING's elevator. *shudder*

I believe, by her comment, Shandon has implicitly offered her surrogacy services should you want -- again, *shudder* -- children.

Finally, your site has been tagged for objectionable content.