Wednesday, April 25

Shandon's nightmare

Well, it finally happened. I ran out of gas. I not only ran out of gas but I did so in rush hour traffic. Let me tell you, these LA drivers really don't care if you're dramatically slowing down with your hazard lights blinking.

It all happened so quickly. I noticed I was low but figured I could make it home like the 100's of times before. Apparently not. My trusty little Honda pretty much slowed to a stop and I barely made it to the emergency lane. Phew! I assumed I ran out of gas but figured it could be any number of things so I called AAA roadside Service.

A very nice lady asked me lots of questions. Mostly she wanted to know if I was safe. I was on the line waiting to get an ETA of a AAA helper dude when a tow truck pulled up behind me. I thought it was AAA.

Lucy: Ooo! He just pulled up.
AAA: Would you like me to stay on the line?
Lucy: Um, yeah. I think it's actually a Metro guy.
AAA: Oh good. He can also help you.
Slow Motion Crabby Old Metro Guy: (Leaning in my passenger window) Is there a problem?
Lucy: Yes. I think I ran out of gas but I'm on the phone with AAA.
Slow Motion Crabby Old Metro Guy Ok(shuffling off)
Lucy: ...
Lucy: ...
Lucy: Where's he going?
AAA: Did he offer you gas?
Lucy: No. Does he have some?
AAA: Yes! He should have offered you gas. Can you still catch him?
Lucy: (Franticaly waving) Let me try.
Lucy: (Watching Slow Motion Crabby Old Metro Guy shuffle back to car.)
Lucy: Do you have some gas?
Slow Motion Crabby Old Metro Guy: What did AAA say?
Lucy: They said you could give me some gas. I just need to get to the gas station by that exit.
Slow Motion Crabby Old Metro Guy: Those AAA people are SO LAZY. I know, I'm a Plus Member! (Shuffling back to truck to, presumably, get gas.)
Lucy: (To AAA operator) Oooooo, he just insulted you!
AAA: I know! I'm lazy and he's a Plus Member!

Slow Motion Crabby Old Metro Guy gave me enough gas to get me to the nearby gas station then just walked away. I wanted to thank him but sitting on the side of a LA freeway in rush hour traffic is no place to chase someone down. I tossed a sincere wave and he sort of nodded. I hung up with my new AAA friend and drive off. From the time I limped to the emergency lane to when I drove away from the gas station with a full tank (costing over $50 BTW) only 16 minutes had gone by. It really couldn't have been less painful. I was incredibly lucky. Who knew Metro had guys driving around helping motorists? I had no idea? Crabby or not, he saved my ass and I'm grateful. Thanks low Motion Crabby Old Metro Guy!!!


Trooperdog said...

Oh my gosh...that is way too funny. Sorry about your little mishap, but the Crabby Metro Guy and the AAA lady with her comment...very funny!

shandon said...

Gaaaachh! Maybe I should drive tonight. Then again, sounds like you've got a full tank... at least for the moment...

Stacie said...

ROFLMAO! I'm only laughing because I, too, ran out of gas the other day! Such silliness!

glad you are ok!