Saturday, April 28

Locally Grown

I left for our Farmers Market at 8:30 this morning in search of strawberries. I like to kick off the weekend with a trip to the Farmers Market whenever I can but often I'm too tempted to sleep in and soon enough the day gets away from me.

I'm glad I made the effort this morning.

I picked up the following for a song:
  • An enormous bunch of loose leaf lettuce - $1
  • Green onions - 75 cents.
  • Three baskets of strawberries - $5
  • Asparagus bunch - $1
  • Two big bunches of stock, and my biggest splurge, because it's my favorite flower and smells like Mom & Dad's garden - $7
  • Bag of tiny potatoes - $2

All in all it was a nice haul. I've already enjoyed the lettuce, strawberries, asparagus and the flowers are in vases throughout the house.

I love the Farmers Market and highly recommend, if you haven't already, you find your local market. Buy some fantastically fresh, inexpensive, locally grown fruits, vegetables and flowers. It's the best!

Shandon was planning a trip to pick up strawberries to make jam with. I've never made jam but I'd like to give it a try. Shandon, I hope you'll post your recipes and pix on your food blog.

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