Saturday, April 28

Oh brother

There is only one man in the world who could walk into my bedroom, say "Why aren't you watching the Dodger Game?", plop down on my bed and promptly fall asleep. Yup, that's my brother. He and some friends are going on a 24 hour bird watching expedition tonight with my Dad. I was writing my last post when bro walked in. I was watching Lost. When I finished, I flipped on the game to catch the score but he was already fast asleep. When he woke we talked for a while. Here's a sample:

Lucy: Flipping through the Tivo lineup
Bro: 35! 35! Channel 35!
Lucy: Why?
Bro: Quickly!
Lucy: *sigh* Flipping to 35
TV: "Monty Python's Flying Circus" was listed but some guy was solemnly talking to a camera. It was clearly not Monty Python.
Bro: Who's this tool?
Lucy: Um, I think it's a priest.
Bro: ...
Lucy: ...
Bro: What else is on?

He then showed me my niece's numerous self portraits on his digital camera. She's apparently developed a taste for self portraiture. He finds them on his camera all the time with no warning. We agreed that if we'd done that more than once in our day, we'd be dead meat. Can you imagine the film and developing costs?

Later, while watching The Tudors, which we both enjoy...
Bro: What do you think of this show?
Lucy: I like it but I hope Henry doesn't kill that guy. He's hot.
Bro: Yeah, I can't decide who's hotter, Anne or her sister.
Lucy: I'm bummed about the boob situation on this show.
Bro: What do you mean?
Lucy: Evey episode features a topless woman but we ladies never get to see so much as a naked shoulder on any of the hot guys. Typical.
Bro: I don't mind.

Just then one of the birding friends walked in. He heard part of our conversation and sat on the floor for possible boob viewing. He said "Look! There's your money shot of a guy." I told him "It doesn't count when it's shot through a crack in a wall. Typical." Later, when we heard the fourth birder arrive, our seated visitor complained "I've been watching this for ten minutes and haven't seen a single boob." I told him better luck next time. Did I mention this guy recently earned his PhD from Cal Tech? I guess brilliant minds, or less, all think alike.

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Stacie said...

LOL! Too funny!