Monday, April 2

Last to the party

Am I the last person to hear about Amy Winehouse?! Have you heard her Back to Black CD? It's great! She has a nonchalant/Ronette/Motown/Shirley Bassey thing going on that is killin' me. (I realize these references may not seem like a ringing endorsement, for the kids out there, but ya gotta trust me here.) She is the embodiment of Diana Ross' bad seed granddaughter, which incidentally, is my idea of a dream Supreme. If the voice isn't enough she's got some great 60's horns and hand claps that are retro in the best of all ways. I'd post a sample here but I'm too lame to know how to do that. Just click the Audio/Video link on her website for a sample. She's apparently only 23 years old. I shudder to recall what I was up to at 23. Ugh!

Here's her song Rehab. Go, go, go.


Norman said...

Yes, you are the last, except maybe for Shandon.

The dissolute Ms. Winehouse appears drunk here:

Not a criticism, btw -- she's hardly as screwed up as the song's originator.

shandon said...

Hey, Norman. I'm actually SICK of Ms. Winehouse because my boss has been playing her CD nonstop in the office for the last month. So there!