Thursday, May 3

Are we grown up now?

I've been working in my grown up job for a while but haven't really presented much. Well, I've done some informal show and tell sort of presenting but nothing too scripted. Lately, I've been given the responsibility of presenting some of our bigger deal projects. They drop super-top-secret presentation material in a super-top-secret online drop box that only I can access through a work server. Once I've downloaded the super-top-secret materials they vanish from my drop box. It's all very high tech and scary. Did I mention the super-top-secret materials have my FULL NAME watermarked across each and every page? Why do they do this? So if it ends up on the Internet they know who to fire.

Holy crap.

Well, yesterday I got a screamin' fast new laptop to do these fancy presentations on. It took the IT guy a couple of hours to transfer my old files to my new laptop. Trouble was, I had to present some of the super-top-secret stuff that afternoon. It had only recently been dropped in my drop box so I didn't have much time to review it. Luckily, I was presenting to a group of people who don't like the typical, corporate, Powerpointy variety presentation.

I walked into the room, looked around and commented "I've never been in a room full of only brunettes!" One said "Yeah, well we die it." I said "It doesn't matter. You're deliberately brunette and I enjoy that!" It was not the most professional kick off to a meeting but it wasn't a corporate, Powerpointy style either. I'm not sure my co-worker (and superior) liked my style but I am what I am. I told them I could run them through some new stuff but I'd only read through it once and that I couldn't read straight from a script. They didn't seem to mind. I wouldn't say it was my strongest effort but I was relieved at how relaxed I was. Before I walked in I had decided my presentation was really like a story time. I'm now a story lady and I can handle that. I only hope that next time I'll be even more familiar with the material and be a story ninja!!

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