Tuesday, May 15

More findings

I stayed home sick today. I'm a firm believer in nipping an illness in the bud. I'm always happy when I face a cold/flu immediately and stare it down. Today, I was home with aches, pains, runny nose, headache and slight fever. How do I handle such drama? I pop Tylenol and sleep a lot. It's now the end of the day and while I'm still sneezing a lot I otherwise feel better.

Between sleeping jags I discovered a new favorite thing online: Crochet tutorials on Youtube. (Many of you may be sick of the crafty news but, well, too bad. I'm still enjoying it.) Today I learned that if you do a "Crochet" search on Youtube a bunch of nice ladies have uploaded video crochet lessons. Let's hear it for the Internet (again)! I learned to double crochet and took a stab at Granny Squares and a ripple stitch. My granny square looks like an elephant man version of the square you may be familiar with but I'm starting to get the hang of it.

There are also less wordy video tutorials available on Annie's Attic, for anyone who may be interested. Here is the single crochet video. Just click the Quicktime link and hit play. It's only a few seconds but you can play it a couple of times until you've got it down.

That's all for now. I'm off to pop some Tylenol PM.

Sweet dreams.

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