Sunday, May 20

Strange trip

You know how you start poking around online and suddenly find yourself staring at a site and have now idea how you got there? That happens to me all the time. Today, I started with some blog reading and stared at this art for a while. Next thing I know, I'm spending way too much time tripping around this strange site. It's definitely a unique place to visit. The photographs all have a spooky beauty to them but man, you couldn't pay me to wander around a deserted hospital... mental, TB, State or otherwise. No sir-eee. Way too creepy for my blood. All that suffering... it's awful.

Here's the worst part, some of these images look vaguely familiar. I'm hoping it's that I've visited this site before. Otherwise, I may be tapping into some nasty past life, time, space continuum situation... BWHAAA hahahahah!!!

The pix are great but the photographer put his/her life on the line. Some of these places look about 2 seconds from disintegration.

I also found this site and this one.

It's been a strange day. I'm still recovering from watching Deliver Us From Evil last night. It was so disturbing that I had to watch some Pride & Prejudice to get back to my happy place.