Tuesday, May 1

When I'm right, I'm right

The owner of a company I work with wanted to take us out for dinner. He typically likes to take us out to the latest, famous hot spot in Beverly Hills or West Hollywood or wherever. I told him he'd have a better turn out if we kept it closer to the office. He wasn't convinced there were any good restaurants in the Valley. I told him about a place we'd been to for work celebrations then sent him their web site. He agreed that it looked like a fun place. When asked who I should invite, on his behalf, he said "Invite everyone!". Ok. I threw out a call and had 15 takers. Usually we have an embarrassingly high drop out ratio. Tonight, on the other hand, 22 people showed up, including some guy I'd never seen in my life. The big boss decided to bring a couple of co-workers who have nothing to do with this company's business. I felt bad but what could I do? I thanked them at the end of the night for being so generous and flexible. In the end it was a fun night. I got to sit with friends from work who I never have much time to chat with. Oh, but my favorite part is watching people walk into the place. They keep it incredibly dark in there and it takes about 2 minutes for your eyes to fully adjust. I love to watch friends walk in, look right at us, not see us, then hear the laughter. They sort of stumble towards our voices, it's always good for a laugh. Is this mean? Yeah, a little, but it's SO worth the bad karma.

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Stacie said...

HEhehehehhehe, I would laugh, too!