Saturday, May 26

The right attitude

Yesterday my parents went to watch my nephew play in a baseball tournament. His team played another team that have been playing together since they were five years old. They also happen to have won the Little League World Series when they were 6. My poor nephew's team got creamed.

Well, while this slaughter was going on, my niece was playing with some kids. At one point a boy got hold of her baseball cap and was playing keep away with it. Little Miss grabbed her cap back and sat down with my parents. The boy/bully came over, looked at her and waved his fist in her direction. Apparently Little Miss took one look at him and squealed with laughter. This confused the bully so he waved his clenched fist higher and said "Do you know what this means? It means I'm gonna...". This made Little Miss double over and laugh even harder. I guess the adults were sort of laughing at him too. The bully gave up and never came back.

When mom told me this story she finished with "That's the Auntie Lucy in her."

I'm so proud.

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