Sunday, July 22

Bi-polar Broadway Selections

So, New York wasn't all doom and gloom. I did have a chance to catch a couple of shows. First, I saw Xanadu. I know, I know... it sounds like a terrible idea but I gotta tell ya it was a blast. You know it's gonna be fun when the poster reads "Xanadu on Broadway... Seriously". Well sign me up! I had never seen Xanadu (the movie) until some time last year when a friend insisted. It's a terrible film but the music is fun enough to keep it going. Of course, now it's so kitsch it's great. Well, maybe not classically great, but definately good time great. Anyway, a co-worker and I had a free night in NY and decided to see a show. My friend wanted to see Mary Poppins but I thought Xanadu sounded silly enough to be fun. Luckily she agreed to give it a shot. It was a hoot! The show is a complete goof on the film. If you haven't seen the movie the non-stop references will fly over your head but if, like me, you've seen the movie lately it's just hysterical. We had a great time.

The following night, after running for my life, we met for dinner and saw Grey Gardens. Do you know about the film? It's a documentary from the 70's that is bizarre and sad and amazing. Honestly, it's like a car accident you can't look away from. I heard about a Broadway show being based on it and really that's all I needed to know. Christine Ebersole won the Tony this year for her remarkable work in Grey Gardens. Sadly, the show closes at the end of this month. It's really a shame because more folks should have the opportunity to see it. Ms. Ebersole is spot-on as both Edith and Little Edie. Her performance blew me away. (Here's a taste. To understand how dead-on Ms. Ebersole is just watch the first 30 seconds of this clip from the film.) I also loved the staging with images form the film drifting by in the background. It's just such a good show. It was the first time I saw a Broadway show and was certain I was witnessing an historic performer in her legendary role. Ms. Ebersole will be remembered for years as being simply divine in this show.

After what seemed like the longest flight EVER I arrived safely home. I was so relieved to be back at home. I had a half day on Friday (yea!) so I saw Hairspray after work. I wasn't feeling well, with a sore throat I seem to have picked up on my trip, but at the last minute decided sitting alone in a dark theater sounded just right. I liked the movie but it's so far removed from the Broadway show. I'm not sure why they decided to change such a wonderful show but... whatever. Among the biggest disappointments are the vocals. When you see something performed live in LA or NYC you can pretty much count on powerhouse talents. Queen Latifah is ok but she's nothing compared to those women I saw live. The part requires a great, big, gospel, belting type of voice and Ms. Latifah just doesn't have it. Oh well, I'm hoping the kids like it. That kid from High School Musical is in it which explains why half the audience was kids. It's a shame most will never see the stage production much less the original movie. John Waters makes a cameo as the flasher Tracy mentions in the opening song. Too bad I was the only one in the theater who recognized him. You just know he LOVED doing that bit.

Since then I've been frantically reading book 5 of Harry Potter. I know. I'm WAY behind but Potter-mania got to me and I'm now trying to catch up. I'm just terrified that some jackhole will blurt out a huge spoiler and ruin the whole thing for me. Shandon cleared the docket so she could dedicate her weekend to read book 7. I can't wait to hear what she thinks of it (without the details, of course).

I'm off to finish HP5. Catch ya later.

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