Friday, July 27

New Favorite Thing

For some reason flies attacked our house last night. I don't know if a door was left open or what, but every room with a light on had flies buzzing around. One big, fat fly was flying around my bedroom but I figured I'd let him wear himself out then I'd go in for the kill.

Later, in the kitchen, I could hear the distinct sound of bug zapping. Only then did I remember my Dad's Christmas present from last year. The kids got him this Electric Fly Swatter. I called Pops in and he quickly zapped the big bastard flying around my room. You can't imagine the sound they make and the blue sparks they produce when bugs hit that swatter. I think it may be the best invention of this century. Forget the dumb iPhone, I've got an Electronic Fly Swatter! Just wave this thing around and you're bound to hit something... hopefully not a loved one.

This fun toy first came to my attention one night while at my brother's house. He had pulled one out to get a bug and my niece promptly ran away. I asked what her problem was and he explained that she had picked it up and accidentally zapped herself a few days before. Little Miss made a big effort to steer clear of the gadget after the zapping. While explaining this to me, my brother commented "How bad could it be?" I could see the look in his eyes and knew what would come next. Sure enough, he touched his finger to the paddle and quickly pulled it away with a yelp. "Shit! That really hurts." Ya think? My favorite part was watching the prominent blue spark arch between the paddle and his finger. My sister-in-law was so worried after seeing this that the swatter was almost banned from the house but we talked her into keeping it. I felt bad for my niece but she's a smart kid. I doubt she'll be touching the thing any time soon. Live and learn, right?

I implore you all to run out and get the Electric Fly Swatter ASAP. It's oh so much more satisfying than those boring bug zappers. Run, don't walk, to the nearest Electronic Fly Swatter store now!

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