Monday, July 9

Workin' for the Pod

Over my very nice long weekend I tackled my CD collection. I ran down to Target and picked up a few CD binders. I got home and started the surprisingly trying process of ditching the jewel cases. The weekend was uncharacteristically humid. We typically turn off the air conditioning in the evening so I was sweatin' bullets as I lifted, sorted loaded and de-jewel boxed my CDs. I carried 8 Trader Joe's bags of empty jewel cases out to the recycling bin. Sheesh! It seems I have around 650 CDs. Of course, it helps to have worked for Rolling Stone for most of the 90's but still that's a stupid amount of CDs. It was nice to see some of them again. After years of just skimming through the spines of the CDs it was refreshing to see each and every cover. It was like visiting with old friends.

I recently got a little bonus and have been planning to save most but wanted to splurge on something I wouldn't ordinarily buy for myself. After my CD exercise it became apparent that my sweet Mini iPod just couldn't hold my music anymore. My parents gave me the Mini as a Christmas gift the year they were released. It was the most surprised I'd been with a gift since childhood. I was stunned and so excited. I've loved my Mini dearly but it was time to invest in the big guns. I went to Best Buy and picked up the 80G. She's a beauty. I'm now obsessed with keeping her pristine so I'm looking into sleeves and skins. I still can't decide what will work best to keep her clean for travel. (How weird are these?!)

I called my nephew and told him it was his lucky day. He's getting my Mini. I told him to get his dad working on a Playlist for him pronto. He was thrilled.

I spent a lot of time yesterday uploading my CDs to the Pod. I tell ya it could quickly become a full time job if I let it, but I will say the resulting shuffle is quite lovely. I fell asleep and woke to it.

Rest assured, the rest of my money is going straight to the condo fund.

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shandon said...

80 gigs? Jeez, that's your CD library AND mine! I'm a little jealous...