Tuesday, July 3

Damn you!

I may be certifiably insane.

As mentioned, in the last couple of posts, I’ve been wanting to watch The Shining. It’s been a while. Well, after a Diet Coke soaked dinner I was amped and apparently unable to make rational decisions. So, when 10:30 rolled around and I was wide eyed and ready to stay up all night, what did I decide to watch? You guessed it. I started watching The Shining, at 10:30 pm last night. Me and a thousand crickets and that moon. The rest of the world was completely quiet and still. It was perfectly creepy. I sat in my comfy chair working on Little Man’s hat and watched the (IMHO) scariest movie EVER. Could I be a bigger moron?! As expected, it scared the crap out of me. I was up until 2:00 am. When I finally tried to get some sleep I saw those terrible twins every time I closed my weary eyes. “Come and play with us Lucy, forever and ever and ever…” Aghhhhhhhhhhh!

The only "good" to come of the experience was that I realized I can finally put my finger on why exactly I hate Stanley Kubrick. Well, I don’t really hate him... I resent him. If his film are any indication, he was a deeply disturbed man. Or maybe he was simply in posession of a deeply disturbed mind. With the exception of Dr. Strangelove (begrudgingly one of my favorites) all of his films have an isolated, desperate tone that really upsets me. Come to think of it, even Dr. Strangelove is full of themes of desparation and an ever present there's-nothing-we-can-do-about-it-now mentality. Lolita too is desparate, lonely and sad. That poor Shelley Winters. (Although, to be fair, I always think 'that poor Shelley Winters').
So, after some careful consideration I decided Mr. Kubrick is in fact a Death Eater. He makes me feel as if nothing happy will ever happen again, that the world is a terrible and lonely place and there is nowhere to turn for comfort and that there's nothing any of us can do about it. Isn’t that the very definition of a Death Eater? Don’t get me wrong, having a Death Eater POV is probably very helpful when crafting the scariest movie ever. It was my own fault for watching a the damn thing alone at night. Now I know better. I shouldn’t have put myself in the position of watching it at midnight.

Thank God tomorrow is a fun day of bright colors and BBQs and family. I may not have survived my Death Eater attack otherwise. Damn you Mr. Kubrick, DAMN YOU (said with dramatic Charlton-Heston-falling-to-his-knees flair)!


kb said...

Dude, you have to know better than to watch that movie, alone, late at night. I did that once with The Omen. I didn't think I'd ever sleep with the light off again! That music!

shandon said...

Every October I watch HALLOWEEN with Norman and it's great fun. But I absolutely cannot watch that movie by myself, and I wouldn't DREAM of watching it alone at night!!