Saturday, June 30


You'll all be happy to know I still heart my Tivo. It recorded the pilot of Men in Trees (a critical episode I missed and have wanted to see for ages) without me even knowing it would be airing. I'm so happy! Men in Trees has remained in my Season Pass queue all this time and, I guess, nothing was playing against it in it's time slot so I found it thoughtfully placed on my "To Do List" this afternoon.

The day started well. After sleeping in 'til about 8:00 I turned on the tv to slowly wake up. (It's a bad habit I've developed on the weekends lately.) Anyway, I found The Last Waltz, long a favorite of mine, and enjoyed until I realized I had to get ready for a hair appointment. I didn't get to finish watching it, and was a little bummed out about it, but what can you do? WELL! If you have Tivo you just search The Last Waltz and record the next showing which happens to be at 4:45 am tomorrow morning. How great is that?! And while we're at it, I've been wanting to see The Shining since my last post. Will that be airing any time soon, you ask? WELL, as a matter of fact The Shining will be showing tomorrow at 3:30 pm. Can you blame a girl for loving her Tivo so much? (BTW, if you don't remember much about The Shining, check this out.)

Of course there are other things going on in my life. For those interested, I've started my niece's can hat. I'll post pix when I've the hats are finished.

I saw Ratatouille last night and really liked it. Some may say I'm biased but that's some damn great animation and story is a good time too. Good stuff.

I'm looking forward to having a 5 1/2 day weekend beginning Tuesday afternoon. Yippee!! I have to get through a rather nightmarish financial meeting first but once that's over I'm home free.

My brother and family are having their annual 4th of July open house/parade/BBQ event. I usually bring something. I'm thinking of giving these a try. I'll let you know how that goes... if it in fact goes.

So there's a quick update. The gaudy Squirt hat calls...

Oh! But before I go, is anyone else out there a tad concerned about the remedial terrorists (and all we thought Richard Reed was a fool) running rampant this weekend and the fact that William and Harry have a little party planned for tomorrow? Don't get me wrong, I trust Scotland Yard to catch the punks who packed their cars with explosives (they're so good at rounding up the assholes in the neighborhood). I wouldn't say this concern is keeping me up at night but it makes me sad just thinking about the logistical nightmare that must be going down at Wembley Stadium right about now. It makes me a little nervous.

Ok everyone, go to your happy place now. I know I will.

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