Monday, June 4

One of those days

I should have known it would be a nightmare of a day from the beginning. I woke up at 6:00 am but didn't have to get up for another hour. Naturally I fell asleep right before 7:00 and struggled to get up.

Once at work I decided to stop by the commissary for some egg whites. I've grown accustomed to egg whites. They're, apparently, better for me than whole eggs and they keep me full for a nice long time. Sometimes I get them scrambled with dry wheat toast but today I wanted an egg white burrito. I ordered it with scrambled egg whites and cheese on a whole wheat tortilla with salsa on the side with the exact instructions of "take it easy on the cheese". Why am I telling you all this? Because of what happened next. Now, I don't like to use the term "skinny bitch" because it's mean and catty and... whatever. Well, what happened next involved the very definition of a skinny bitch. I had ordered and paid for my breakfast burrito and was waiting for it when she walked up. The cook was just finishing it when she looked down and said "Is that egg whites?" The cook confirmed that it was in fact egg whites. She then scoffed and said "Egg whites? With cheese?!" as if it were the most ridiculous thing she'd ever considered. Now I must explain that I was the only person standing there. The order was clearly for me. I was standing 8 feet from her. What the hell?! Apparently a teaspoon of cheddar is off the skinny bitch diet. I'm just sorry I didn't order it with chocolate sauce.

The day went on to be much more unreasonable and lets just say if skinny bitch had pulled that attitude with me at the end of this day... skinny bitch would have gone down.

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kb said...

Oh, to live in a world where there would be only pleasingly plump people!