Monday, June 18

RIP Rat Bastard

Well, it's the end of a mini-era. The skunk who has woken me with his stench several nights and made falling asleep so dang difficult seems to have finally bit the dust.

For months now that tremendous stinker has sprayed near our house. For about a one month stretch he sprayed every night. He seems to really like the bird seed my dad leaves out. The seed also attracts squirrels, a small fox and our skunk buddy. The birds seem to enjoy the seed as well.

How do I know he's gone? His screams woke me out of a dead sleep the other night and it didn't sound like things were going his way. As it turns out he woke up the whole neighborhood. We think a coyote got him. He sprayed like crazy while screeching and then we all heard his pathetic little cries fade into the night. (Oh, I can hear the "awwww"s now. Spare me.) It seems the coyote carried him off somewhere. I give him credit though, he definitely went out with a roar and not a whimper. He manged to spray the windows and screens of my parents bedroom. I swear I've never smelled anything like it. It's been several days and we can still smell him. We burned every candle in the house and rinsed the side of the house along with the screens and windows and still that smell lingers.

Don't be sad and don't be fooled by the cute Pepe Le Pu reputation. Skunks are horrible little animals. They dig up gardens and stink up yards all the while. Are we invading in their space? Absolutely, but that's what happens when your at the top of the food chain. If you have to live with them you quickly learn to hate them. Besides, he had the nerve to spray my brother's dog. A sweetheart of a dog who now refuses to go in our backyard. Poor baby. I can't say that I blame him. He probably smells the bear and fox, and God knows what, and figures he's no dummy.

I can't say that I'll miss the skunk, he really made me mad on several occasions. How many nights am I supposed to lie awake because some disgusting little creature got spooked and decided to indiscriminately spray his butt off? I'd say I'm relieved he's gone but I'm sure another skunk will find his way to dad's bird seed any day now.

RIP little annoyance. I'm sorry, but you got what you deserved.


shandon said...

I'm not gonna "Awwwww," but jeez! You sure hated that little bastard.

kb said...

I don't know about "awwww," but "ewwww" sure summed it up as I envisioned the coyote hauling him off into the bushes somewhere!