Sunday, June 3

Just right

As I get older, my idea of the perfect weekend has changed. My ideal weekend now, almost always, means one with no plans. This was one of those weekends. There was no hair appointment, no baseball game, no dinner plans, not even a family BBQ. While I enjoy all of these things, and in no way consider them work, I relish the thought of doing nothing. I love to kick off a weekend knowing I don't have to be anywhere at any given time for two whole days. I've gotten better at saying no to some plans. Even things I know I'll enjoy, I sometimes say no to because I know I really need a healthy dose of down time. This weekend was one of those great no-watch-necessary weekends.

Yesterday I went to the post office (to send more Bookmooch books), visited my new favorite yarn store, saw a matinee of Knocked Up (I liked it) then shopped at a local community product store (since I missed the Farmer's Market). I then spent the evening working on my ripple blanket and reading. *sigh* So great.

Today I needed one more yarn color for my blanket so Mom and I went to Michael's to pick up something that might resemble the "wheat" color I needed. We then grabbed some lunch and watched Gosford Park (one of our faves). I ran down to Baja Fresh to pick up dinner for us, then watched The Tudors and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I completed 6 rows on my blanket , while watching movies, but had rip out 3 tp redo them because I'd missed ONE STITCH on the third stripe. Dang it! I swear, I'll have to stitch 5 blankets just to get one good one.

It may not sound like great shakes to most folks but to me it was a great weekend! I'm relaxed and trying to figure out when I can schedule some vacation time to do more of the same very soon.

OH, but when I do feel like making plans... I'm SO going here. Did you hear about it? I can't wait to hear more.

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kb said...

A Harry Potter theme park? I saw that and cannot wait!