Thursday, June 28

Is that so wrong?

A couple of co-workers have been passing a rather creepy doll back and forth for at least a year now. Today a friend discovered it in her chair just as the UPS guy arrived. She promptly packed it up in a box and had the UPS guys "deliver" it across the hall to the original sender. The thought of this woman signing for a box and opening it to find that damn doll made us all giggle.

I told my friend she should next drop it off on the other woman' door step (she lives close to the office) or better yet, find out where she stays on her next vacation and send it to the hotel. My friend loved the idea but decided I was crazy.

When it comes to tormenting people I've learned from the best. My dad is the oldest of ten and can really "throw down" when it comes to teasing and torturing. My brother and I have been annoying each other our entire lives. My new favorite torture technique is to use his children against him. You know, I give them a message and off they go. It's especially great because I have no intention of having children myself so there's no real payback potential to deal with.

Just the other day I shared this conversation with my nephew:

Lucy: You wanna know how to completely freak your dad out?
Little Man: How? *grin*
Lucy: Next time daddy is waking up, stand on his side of the bed with your index finger up, wiggle it and repeat "Redrum. Redrum. REDRUM!!!!!"
Little Man: ...
Lucy: ... and do it with a straight face.
Little Man...
Lucy: Trust me, he'll FREAK!
Little Man: Ummm, what?
Lucy: I'll explain it later.

By the way, you have NO IDEA how difficult it was for me to put this image on my blog. This image strikes terror in my heart more than any other in cinema. I'm serious. These damn twins have scared me for years. Please don't tell my brother.

However, I gotta say that seeing them here helps a bit. I guess it's this image flashed quickly on a screen that freaks me out. I wonder what these girls are up to these days?

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kb said...

Ya know, there's just something creepy about those little girls even if they were never associated with The Shining.