Wednesday, June 6

How do we love thee?

Yesterday was yet another annoying day until things perked up during lunch. One friend looked up at the bar tv, gasped and said "OH! George Clooney is on The Tonight Show tonight!!" (insert collective sigh here) Another friend said "We should go!" (Did I mention we were dining in Burbank and this idea might actually be do-able?) We quickly paid the bill and took off for the car. We figured our next step should be to drive by NBC to check out the line. Two friends decided they could leave work and two of us decided we needed to get back. (Bummer) The doer of the group gushed "We could TOTALLY work from the line. If someone would pick up our laptops we could do it!" The two of us who decided to go back agreed the other two had a boss who really wouldn't mind if they took off to see George. I mean really, who could blame them? We made a couple of phone calls on the way to NBC and learned The Tonight Show tapes at 4:00. When we arrived, we saw a very long line but our friend volunteered to jump out and see if anyone had an extra ticket. (What were the odds?) We couldn't turn around on th street so we pulled into a side street and spotted a "Guest Relations" sign. We pulled in and watched as our enthusiastic friend ran towards the box office. One minute later she came back to the car wearing a very sad expression. The box office guy told her we were WAY too late and to give it up. She climbed back in the car and we drove by the lucky ticket holders. Another friend leaned out the window and shouted "ANY EXTRA TICKETS?!" Not one person turned to even look at us. Apparently nothing phases a Jay Leno crowd.

We've made a pact: The next time George releases a film we're TOTALLY taking time off to get tickets to The Tonight Show. We can't wait!

TIP: Although George was on The Tonight Show to promote Ocean's Thirteen the more interesting topic of conversation was this Vanity Fair issue. Looks like one we should check out...but beware of the George Bush cover. *shudder*

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shandon said...

What the hell do you think Oprah's whispering in his ear? THAT is cause for a shudder...