Tuesday, July 24

Be sensible

Last summer I fell in love with some adorable Dr. Scholl flats. They were not the original wood plank Dr. Scholl shoes. These were super cute black flats with the famous Dr. Scholl across-the- foot strap but with a bedazzled buckle. Very simple and very cute. They were about this flat (but not quite as bedazzled):

I wore them all Summer. After about 3 months of wearing the sandals I started having foot problems. I now have a condition called Plantar Fasciitis and it hurts like hell. If I wear flats now, my heels pay the price. Especially my right heel. It hurts most in the morning after being off my feet for hours. You'd think resting my feet would help but it doesn't. My first steps out of bed are excruciating. You know how it feels when you accidentally step on a rock square on your heel with all of your weight? That's what it feels like every morning. I hate it. I've done some research and learned that flats are now out of the question and shoes with arch support and a modest heel are necessary. Trouble is all of the shoes that offer support are hideously ugly. If I had several million dollars to burn, I swear, I'd start designing comfortable shoes that were good for feet but also cute. I'd make a killing.

So, on my way home I decided to drag my aching feet into the Nordstrom shoe department for some sensible shoes. I picked up these:
I wore them out and my feet were thanking me by the time I got to the car. I need to get my dogs to a podiatrist pronto but the thought of facing the whole ordeal of getting a referral from my HMO is less than appealing. Of course, that's what the "Health Care" providers count on and I'm playing right into their criminal system. I need to do it if for no other reason than to make them pay up.

I can't believe I'll be likely facing orthopedics soon. And sensible shoes?! Good Lordy forty sucks. First, the sensible bras, now this... My 20 year old self would never forgive me!

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kb said...

I swear it's all down hill from here...at least physically. Shall we order the motorized scooters to toot around town now or wait another year?